Club leabhar fheiminigh na héireann:

  Exploring Irish history, Feminism and feminist Science Fiction. 

Sibéal started club leabhar fheiminigh which is her first socially engaged art project last year.


Taking inspiration from the many books she read during her research phase of the project, She began an online book club in early 2021. There is so far 14 members involved, of all ages, artists and non-artists and individuals from all walks of life.

Her aim with this project is to create a community of people interested in learning more about feminism and the role it has played in Ireland throughout history. She hopes to create a space of “un-learning”, encouraging people to look at Irish history and culture through a feminist lens, while also creating a community of individuals to discuss and explore these topics.

Participants are empowered to think about alternative histories’ and question narratives of accepted social and cultural norms, and by doing so, feel empowered to look for change and progress in our current society.

Sibéal has created a list of recommended books, but all members are encouraged to offer suggestions to the group.

Meetings are held at the start of each month. if you are interested in joining please contact her via email. 

The project is ongoing and she hopes in the future to do in-person meetings and possibly have a publication/zine aspect to the project, presenting participants visual responses to the texts. A blog will also be available online soon with details of each book.