• Sibeal Riordan

This months book! Sisters by June Levine

Hi everyone! Im so excited to share this months book with you all as it is one I have enjoyed so much reading.

Sisters is the biography of Irish activist and journalist June levine. It follows her journey to becoming a feminist activist (and her life story of course) The blurb gives a fantastic insight and the book is right beside me now so I am going to just type it out for you all to read!

"After growing up in Dublin, June Levine went through marriage breakdown and divorce in Canada, returned to Ireland as an unmarries woman in the swinging sixties. She writes with special insight of the area of the mohair suited irish male and his liberated "girl" friends.

By the end of the decade some women decided that this kind of liberation was no longer enough. The Irish Womens movement was born, and June Levine was there from the start. This book encaptures all the excitement and controversy of the time, and is laced with perception pen portraits of some well known feminist leaders.

During the seventies June worked as a journalist, and as a researcher on Gay Byrnes late late show. her evaluation of the past ten years in terms of Irish feminism, makes fascinating and absorbing reading. Committed, passionate and written from a strongly feminine viewpoint, there has never been an irish book quite like sisters"

so there you have it! I absolutely adore this book and I cant wait to hear what you all think of it. I'll see you all next month!

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