• Sibeal Riordan

This Months book! Republic of Shame by Cailainn Hogan

so this months book is a bit of a difficult read, but with so much information coming out about the treatment of women in children and baby homes I think its a really important read.

Cailinn is an Irish journalist. Republic of shame was published in 2019 and uncovers the treatment of women and babies in catholic institutions. The book also goes into great detail about society at the time and the moral values and hegemonies that allowed this abuse to take place.

'At least in The Handmaid's Tale they value babies, mostly. Not so in the true stories here.' Margaret Atwood Until alarmingly recently, the Catholic Church, acting in concert with the Irish state, operated a network of institutions for the concealment, punishment and exploitation of 'fallen women' - Book blurb

thank you so much to everyone who showed up to todays meetings, I'm so happy that you've enjoyed last months book as much as I did. your feedback provides me with so much clarity on what books to suggest next. As I mentioned in todays meeting if you have any suggestions for a book you would like the group to read please don't hesitate to suggest. It would be great if everyone in the group had the option of suggesting a text they thing everyone would enjoy!

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