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The Láidreacht Project - What is it all about?!

Hi! for my first blog post I am going to give you all a small introduction into what the Láidreacht project is, a little bit about me and why I started it.

The Láidreacht project is a socially engaged project created by Sibéal Riordan in 2020 (who is also the person writing this blog post, yes it feels weird writing in the third person)

It is a book club and zine project exploring themes of feminism, Irish history and culture, with the aim of creating a community of like minded indiviudals and create a safe space of discussion and learning. It is a LGBTQI+ friendly and feminist space so if this is an issue for you, I encourage you to find somewhere else to share your opinion. The aim of the project is for the participants to learn more about feminism and the role it has played in Ireland throughout history. Participants are empowered to think about alternative histories and

question narratives of accepted social norms, and by doing so, feel empowered to look for progress and change in our current society. A quote by Mara mead encapsulated the project very well, and is something I stand by. " Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the World: Indeed It's the only thing that ever has"

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