Artists bio

Sibéal Explores themes of trauma, healing and the materiality of the body through experimental video, sound and photography. In her most recent work, she performs constructed rituals as a means of healing the mind and body. she sees nature as a nurturing force and aims to reconnect with it through these performances, thus reconnecting with herself. 

She uses the body as material, and chooses to document performative ritual to camera using analogue techniques because of their tactile and archival nature. 


Sibéal is an Irish artist and photographer based in Limerick, Ireland. She is a recent graduate of Limerick School of Art & Design and is currently undertaking her Masters in Social Practice and the Creative environment. 

She specialises in darkroom photography and analogue processes, but also works in the realm of digital photography, experimental sound, and video.

She has won the Award for traditional darkroom work and has created a photobook with PhotoIreland and Inspirational arts as part of the Inspirational Arts Photography Awards 2020 which she was a finalist of. 



You can contact Sibéal directly with any queries via email at